Business creation

Our support in setting up a company

You’ve got the idea, it’s time to get started… Become an entrepreneur.

Because each business creation project is unique, Sygnatures offers you a complete range of support services.


Tailor-made support

Receive support from a team of specialists who will help you make the best choices.

Get information on factors that can lead to success and areas of risk.

Find the best size for your project: receive an objective view of the project, the resources, the costs and the means.

Get the tools you need to steer your business and react at the right time.


Timesaving and financial gain

Have someone else take care of formalities.

Limit your risk of failure due to not assessing the project properly.

Save time you would have otherwise spent on drawing up a business plan.

Optimise your social security and asset protection along with expenses and taxes.


Our services

Our business creation services

  • Coaching for your project
  • Preparing your business plan
  • Support in the search for financing
  • Legal incorporation and choice statuts
  • Accounting
  • Dashboards and reporting
Coaching for your project
Preparing your business plan
Support in the search for financing
Legal incorporation and choice statuts
Dashboards and reporting

Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur ?

SYGNATURES offers personalised support:

  • Have us listen to and analyse your creation or installation project
  • Assessing key factors leading to success
  • Discussing how well developed your project is
  • Developing your roadmap

Specific mission

Would you like expert help in drawing up your business plan ?

SYGNATURES can help you design your business plan, placing at your disposal the experience and proven methodology of our experts.

  • Critical analysis of your market study
  • Find the best size for your project: receive an objective view of the project, the resources and the means
  • Determine your break-even point and check financial consistency with respect to the business sector
  • Obtain a structured report, providing a tool to communicate with the company’s financiers and partners

Specific mission

Are you planning to seek out new financial partners ?

SYGNATURES can assist you to obtain financing by:

  • determining the financing strategy
  • selecting financial partners
  • providing technical support during meetings with financial backers
  • drafting a critical review of the financing offers

Specific mission

Do you want to make the right choice regarding the status of your company ?

Sygnatures can help you choose your tax, social security and legal status.


Specific mission

Would you like to outsource your company’s accounting management ?

SYGNATURES can manage your accounting:

  • shifting your administrative constraints
  • saving time you could use to devote to your work
  • securing financial information
  • controlling costs through a clear service and pricing policy

Full outsourcing

Would you like to manage your company with the help of a financial dashboard ?

SYGNATURES can build a customised financial dashboard for you:

  • Be kept up to date on financial performance throughout the year
  • Anticipate your results so you can make management decisions
  • Compare your management indicators with the ratios of your profession and your business plan
  • Take advantage of our analysis and comments during a meeting

Full outsourcing

Our experts

  • Toulouse
  • Muret
  • Gers

Flavien Rozieres

Muret office manager - Associate chartered accountant and statutory auditor

Flavien Rozières has more than 10 years of experience in various positions in accounting and consulting, auditing and as head of labour affairs in internationally renowned firms. In particular, he is in charge of running the Muret office with the aim of providing personalised support to our clients in the Muret region.


Dominique Louit

Gers managing director - Associate chartered accountant and statutory auditor

Dominique Louit has been working as a chartered accountant for some thirty years. He is in charge of the Gers division of the Sygnatures Group. Holding a Master's Degree in Taxation and a chartered accountant sworn in by the French Chamber of Auctioneers (Chambre des Commissaires-Priseurs Judiciaires), he has been heavily involved in the economic and associative environment in the Gers region.


Yann Paide

Associate chartered accountant and statutory auditor

Yann Paide has more than 10 years of experience in chartered accountancy and consulting, working with VSEs, SMEs and regional groups. At Sygnatures, he is co-head of the Auch and Condom offices, and coordinates company creation and business development assignments in order to support our clients' growth.


Arnaud Rauzy

Associate chartered accountant

After studying economics at the Toulouse School of Economics and obtaining a master's degree in accounting and auditing, Arnaud Rauzy joined Sygnatures' Statutory and Voluntary Audit department in 2008. He obtained his post-graduate degree in chartered accounting in 2013, writing his thesis on hydroelectricity and then turned to providing consulting and expertise services. Arnaud now assists regional SMEs in the sectors of Health, Real Estate and Renewable Energies. He also manages company takeover assignments during which he and his team provide the following services: company valuation, acquisition audits, preparation of provisional financial statements and assistance in obtaining financing. Il pilote également des missions de reprise d’entreprise au cours desquelles il réalise avec son équipe les prestations suivantes : évaluation d’entreprise, audit d’acquisition, établissement des comptes prévisionnels et accompagnement à l’obtention du financement.


Gilles Bernat

Associate chartered accountant and statutory auditor

A specialist in tax law, Gilles Bernat has been advising family and regional groups for more than 15 years. He leads and coordinates support for managers in their asset management. Passionate about the voluntary sector, he is the author of a public accounting thesis on the taxation of voluntary organisations. He is in charge of a Sygnatures accountancy division in Toulouse.


Jean-Baptiste Osès

Associate chartered accountant

Jean-Baptiste Osès has 13 years of experience in the outsourcing of SME and Group accounting. He is in charge of developing the Delegated Management services at SYGNATURES.


Sylvie Falson

Associate chartered accountant

Sylvie Falson specialises in advising the liberal professions, particularly in the medical sector, and advises VSEs and regional SMEs on a daily basis. Within the outsourcing department, she leads a team dedicated to delegated management and dashboard implementation assignments. She also coordinates internal training actions within the firm.